Nine Pin Cider Announces New Apple Cider Syrup

cider syrup bottle

Nine Pin Ciderworks, New York’s first farm cidery, is launching its first ever cider syrup in collaboration with The Forest Farmers in Lyon Mountain, N.Y.

The new syrup came as a joint venture between Nine Pin, Samascott Orchards, and the Forest Farmers. Located deep in the Adirondack Mountains, The Forest Farmers are the largest maple syrup producer in New York State. An excess of apples was put through the syrup-making process, leading to the creation of Nine Pin’s first cider syrup.

“We were thrilled to connect with the great people at Nine Pin and Samascott Orchards to develop a unique apple cider syrup that tastes amazing!” said Michael Farrell, CEO of The Forest Farmers. “We discovered that the specialized equipment we normally use to produce maple syrup, utilizing high pressure steam boiling, also makes the best tasting apple cider syrup anyone has ever tasted! Everyone was so thrilled with the results that we ordered a large batch of apple cider just to be able to make some cider syrup for ourselves.”

The production of the cider syrup also helped to reduce wasted produce and equipment. While the seasonal maple syrup equipment sat idly during the off-season, 2021 also offered a particularly large harvest of apples from Samascott Orchards.

“From all the rain this summer, some of the apples were too waterlogged to meet the quality standards for cider production or eating,” said Alejandro del Peral, co-founder and head cidermaker at Nine Pin. “The stars aligned with Forest Farmers, and we sent a big batch of the juice from Samascott Orchards in Kinderhook to Lion Mountain, a valley meets mountains moment.”

The syrup will launch on Monday, Nov. 22 in the Nine Pin tasting room, which will feature specialty cocktails, food specials, and cider syrup tastings.

Nine Pin’s cider syrup can be used on its own, as a glaze, or in cocktails, and make a great gift for cider fans. The bottled syrup will be available retail in the tasting room and for shipping and pick up.