Pink Lemonade, but make it cider!

Our brand-new summer seasonal is Pink Lemonade – it’s refreshing, it’s delicious, and of course… it’s pink! But how do we get that exceptional pink coloring from apples and lemons? Well, we don’t!  

It was important to the team to keep the color natural, without adding any extra flavor like strawberry or raspberry. When posed with this dilemma, our brilliant cider makers thought, “What else provides a beautiful pink hue when juiced?”

The answer? Beets!

Our orchard partner, Samascott Orchards, helped us out and juiced some of their Red Ace beet crop. As you can see, the color is incredible, and you need a very small amount to create that light pink hue we wanted for our cider.

So, when life gives you New York apples, you get creative to make Pink Lemonade!