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Nine Pin is a New York craft cider company based in Downtown Albany. We are dedicated to creating exceptional off-dry ciders, and to the orchards that make them possible. Apple varieties are carefully selected and blended to achieve a complex, balanced flavor with a clean and pleasantly drinkable finish.

We source all of our apples from Capital Region  and Hudson Valley orchards to ensure an entirely local and high quality product.

Come enjoy a fresh glass and cheese plate at our

Tasting Room located in downtown Albany. We offer seven different types of cider that are always changing.

1770. A revolutionary spirit echoes through the Hudson Valley. But Rip Van Winkle, beloved ne’er-do-well, meanders through the Catskill mountains. He follows the distant rolling thunder, finding not a storm, but the ghosts of Henry Hudson’s sailors playing ninepins, the Dutch form of bowling. After partaking in the game and in a keg of hard cider, Rip Van Winkle falls asleep, waking years later to find he’s skipped the entire Revolution. He wasn’t one of our country’s founders, but he sure found great taste.


Today. No need to sleep 20 years to find that a revolution has swept the Capital Region. Nine Pin Ciderworks delivers crisp refreshing taste to the heart of Albany. Using farm fresh fruit, including apples grown from seed on the del Peral family farm, Alejandro del Peral crafts delicious Nine Pin New York Hard Cider at 929 Broadway in the shadow of The Rose.


Like any revolution, Nine Pin Cider was many years in the making. In 1997, Alejandro’s father paints a 32 foot rose on the brick wall side of 925 Broadway. He raises his family on a small Hudson Valley farm, encouraging a love of nature, adventure and fresh food. In 2010, Alejandro wanders into a store and samples a local hard cider. He quickly develops a passion for the drink and becomes an apprentice. By 2013, Alejandro has perfected his own cider blend, winning a gold medal at the Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition. His winning, noncommercial cider is called Catskill Thunder.


Now, he invites you to knock down a Nine Pin.


  • Nine Pin Signature Blend

    This is our flagship product using a blend of apples from Samascott Orchards. It is an off dry sparkling cider with a crisp, bold, and refreshing taste.

  • Belgian

    A farmhouse blend of local apples fermented with a Belgian Abbey Ale yeast.  This cider invokes the characteristics of preferred Belgian beers with notes of tropical fruit resulting in a smooth creamy mouth feel.

  • Blueberry

    This is a blend of apples co-fermented with blueberries from Indian Ladder Farms. It has a dry, complex, and integrated flavor and is rose in color.

  • Ginger

    A spicy yet balanced cider created from a blend of dessert apples from Samascott Orchards and infused with ginger and orange peel.

  • *Raspberry

    A co-fermented cider crafted from a blend of early apple varieties and late season raspberries. The result is a classic New York hard cider with unmistakable red raspberry notes and an impressive scarlet color. The flavor is deliciously tart and characteristically balanced.

  • *Willsie Dry Hop

    New York's Helderberg region was once an epicenter of hop cultivation. Willsie Dry Hop revitalizes this tradition. Cider maker Ethan Willsie crafts a complex blend of late season apples combined with hops including cascade, cluster and wild varieties cultivated from his organic hop yards.

  • *Hunny Pear

     A distinguished blend of New York Pears aged with honey and a touch of cinnamon.  This New World perry cider evokes the flavors of autumn with a spicy, comforting nose.


*Limited Reserve


Tasting Room only. On rotation.

  • Ida Red

    This is a single variety cider made only with Ida Red apples and fermented with a specialty yeast. It gives off sharp tropical fruit aromas which balance its semi-sweet style.

  • La Casa

    Also known as the Cas Special, is made with apples from trees planted from seed at the del Perel family farm. It is dry and unique, just like the apples from which it is fermented.

  • Fruit of the Forest

    This cider is a blended sour cherry and sumac berry co-fermentation.  Sour cherries were grown by Samascott Orchard and the sumac was harvested from wild trees growing along the back roads of Columbia County.  The cider is off dry and characteristically balanced.

  • Butternut

    This dry cider is the ingenious creation of Ethan Willsie.  A crisp, aromatic cider with a bright acidity aged with toasted butternuts grown in the Heldebergs.

  • Nine Pin Dry

    This oak-aged dry cider is made from a blend of heirloom apples including Golden Russet, Northern Spy, Ben Davis and Winesap.

  • Juniper Pear

    A farmhouse blend of local pears fermented with a Belgian saison yeast and dried Juniper berries.  This cider is thick, fruity with subtle hints of juniper and Belgian yeast characterstics.

  • Wild Pear

    indescribably interesting.  Every sip seems to be different.

  • ADC Rye

    2013 cider aged in a Albany Distilling Company Rye Whiskey Barrel.  The barrel imparts strong rye, vanilla and oaky qualities to make this dry cider.

  • Citrus Gold

    Co-fermented with oranges. Citrusy and bright and dangerously easy to drink!

  • Hip Hop

    A blend of apples from Samascott Orchards is fermented with rose hips resulting in a beautiful bouquet of flower and apples.  After 4 months of aging the cider is dry hopped with Willsie Hops resulting in a deliciously hoppy cider with hints of rose hip and apple.

  • Elderflower

    Ever drink Champagne with St. Germain?  Nine Pin’s elderflower mimics this flavor profile by fermenting dried elderflowers with a mellow blend of apples from samascott orchard, bringing out just right amount of floral aroma and flavor.

  • Elderberry

    This tantalizing deep burgundy cider is a result of a cofermentation of wild foraged hilltown elderberries and a rich blend of samascott apples. The flavor is reminiscent of sweet, light bodied red wines.

  • Golden Russet

    This dry cider is made with single variety Golden Russet apples.

  • Yarrose

    Yarrow + Rose = Yarrose

  • MaloAloe

    This double fermented Aloe Vera co-fermentation will fill your palette with a buttery smooth mouth feel that balances the Aloe bitterness.

  • Granny Cluster Dry-Hopped

    A single variety Granny Smith hard cider dry hopped with cluster hops from Cider Maker Ethan Willsie’s organic hop yard.  Pine and citrus fruit aromas from the hops balance the sharp green apple flavors of Granny Smith.

  • Peach

    Whole peaches grown by Samascott Orchards undergo an open top co-fermentation with fresh pressed apples.  The result is a tart citrusy flavor profile with a floral peach aroma.

  • Dry-Oaked

    A blend of heirloom apples including Golden Russet, Northern Spy, Winesap and others grown by Lindsey’s Orchard in Rexford, NY.  A realization of traditional American cider-making, Dry-Oaked offers a lively sparkle which dances on your palette and delivers a dry, barrel flavor.

  • Yarrow

    Yarrow is a New York native wildflower traditionally used as a brewing ingredient.  In the cider making process the flower imparts flavors of mint, chamomile, green tea and zesty lemon.  In-house we claimed Nine Pin Yarrow as demonstrating the distinction between a Cider Maker and a Cider Artist.

  • Sarsaparilla

    A fermented blend of local apples infused by ground sarsaparilla root results in a forceful presentation of flavor and aroma.  This cider is reminiscent of finely crafted root beers and cream sodas.

  • Triple Apple

    A spring seasonal offering made with wild-foraged apple blossoms and chunks of fresh chopped apple wood.  This quaffable cider has floral, woody and decadent characteristics.

  • Cardamom

    Late season apple varieties are co-fermented with whole cardamom pods.  This east-west collaboration between Indian spice and New York apples results in a beautiful cider.

  • English Pear

    Juicy, sweet and simple.  A farmhouse blend of pears fermented with an English cider yeast and grape skins.

  • Cali Pear

    A farmhouse blend of pears fermented with a notoriously neutral California ale yeast.  Bright, fruity yet dry and complex; this is how perrys should taste!

  • Johnny Dry

    A single variety Johnathan cider fermented to dryness. Aromas of cooked and over ripe apples complement this simple yet thirst quenching cider.

  • Apple Sauced

    A farmhouse blend of early apple varieties fermented on pomace from the apple press.  The skins from the apples create a rich full bodied mouthfeel with beautiful fresh juice aromatics.

  • Dandelion

    Nine Pin’s dandelion is our humble take on a traditional dandelion wine.  Freshly picked New York dandelions were fermented with a outstanding blend apples from Samascott Orchards with a specialty wine yeast.

  • G-Skinny

    A white grape skin cofermentation. The tart and tannic flavors of the grape skins accentuate the light and fruity characteristics of this farmhouse blend of apples

  • Rum&Oak

    Cider fermented with mulled spices and aged in Rum Barrels.

  • Black Walnut

    Cider co-fermented with forged black walnuts, aged with Hungarian oak and honey. This cider is dry and refreshing with medium body and subtle notes of walnut and oak.

  • Vanilla Molasses

    Cider aged on vanilla beans and molasses. Off-dry sparkling with rich creamy mouth feel reminiscent of the finest cream sodas in the world.


New York's first farm cidery.

Sourced entirely from Capital Region and Hudson Valley apples.

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Willsie Dry Hop

Oak Monster


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*We also offer a cheese plate with Nettle meadow cheese and Saratoga Crackers.


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