Are you an Adirondack 46er? How about becoming a Nine Pin 26er?  We launched the first Nine Pin 26er challenge in 2016 and it quickly became a biennial staple for Upstate New York cider enthusiasts.

Over the last year, we have been working diligently with our New York farm partners on developing 26 brand new, unique ciders. Starting Monday, April 1, 2024, we will release a new limited draft cider every two weeks (26 total). 26er ciders will only be available at Nine Pin's tasting room at 929 Broadway. Try them all and become a Bronze 26er!

Already a 26er? Complete this year’s challenge and move up a level! Once all 26er ciders are tried, second year participants will receive Silver status, third year participants will receive Gold status, and fourth year participants will receive the highly coveted Platinum status!

If you plan on embarking on any level of the 26er challenge this year, please register in advance here!

We are offering 26er journals again this year! Keep track of all 26 ciders, their tasting notes, dryness level, and whether you would drink them again! These journals will be available for purchase when registering on Eventbrite. We do only have 300 of these journals, so be sure to register and add this fun 26er keepsake on at checkout before they’re gone!

And, don’t forget to tap in your 26er Buddy! Tag them in the comments of any Nine Pin Cider 26er post during pre-registration for a chance for you and your buddy to win a 26er journal!  

We are proud to partner with the Adirondack Mountain Club again this year. A portion of the proceeds from each 26er cider will be donated to the Adirondack Mountain Club’s Summit Stewardship Program.

The rules are simple

1. This year, you must present your punch card at time of purchase to purchase all 26er ciders – NO EXCEPTIONS.
1a. If you lose your card – a replacement card can be purchased for $10.00 - you will be assigned a new number.
2. Except the first cider, which must be purchased between April 1 and April 14, the remaining 25 ciders are available until they run out.
3. We guarantee you will receive your punch for participation if you come in within the 2 weeks following each cider’s release.
3a. If a 26er cider runs out during the 2 weeks after its release, we will allow a purchase of another cider in its place if the participant shows up within the first 2 weeks of its release.
3b. Nine Pin has full discretion to make an exception during the 2-week period for extenuating circumstances, however communication about an exception needs to be made during the 2-week period following the cider’s release.
4. You cannot purchase cider on behalf of another participant.
5. Please let your bartender know if you have any allergies (whether you think it's in the cider or not!) and we will substitute it with another cider if your allergen is present.

The benefits

Nine Pin 26er status grants access to our end of the year open bar 26er party. You will also receive a personalized Nine Pin 26er ID badge, happy hour pricing for life in our tasting room, early access to can and bottle releases, exclusive taste testing of new ciders, and other benefits based on your 26er status!

In proud support of the Adirondack Mountain Club's
Summit Stewardship Program

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