What to Know

1. 26er ciders will be released on Mondays, every two weeks, in our Tasting Room. Nine Pin can only guarantee a cider’s availability for the two-week period following its release.
2. If you do not check in and/or are unable to try the cider before it runs out, you are out of the challenge. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis by contacting danielle@ninepincider.com during the two-week period that the cider is available.
3. You must purchase a 6oz or 12oz pour of the cider. Growler fills, flights, and second pours of the 26er cider are not allowed.
4. Please let your bartenders know in advance if you have any allergies. If there is an allergen in the cider, you will be able to purchase a different cider on tap in lieu of the 26er cider.
5. Remember that this is a challenge, and it is in the spirit of good fun! Please respect your bartenders.
6. You will be able to rate each cider on the 26er page below.

Ways to Stay Updated

1. Aspiring 26er eblast; you will be signed up for this when you register for the 26er challenge. Check your spam folders!
2. Aspiring Nine Pin 26er Facebook group.
3. Follow Nine Pin’s social media (@ninepincider) on Facebook and Instagram.
4. Visiting the Tasting Room every two weeks – put it in your calendar!

Cider Release Dates

Cider #1: April 1
Cider #2: April 15
Cider #3: April 29
Cider #4: May 13
Cider #5: May 27
Cider #6: June 10
Cider #7: June 24
Cider #8: July 8
Cider #9: July 22
Cider #10: August 5
Cider #11: August 19
Cider #12: September 2
Cider #13: September 16
Cider #14: September 30
Cider #15: October 14
Cider #16: October 28
Cider #17: November 11
Cider #18: November 25
Cider #19: December 9
Cider #20: December 23
Cider #21: January 6
Cider #22: January 20
Cider #23: February 3
Cider #24: February 17
Cider #25: March 3
Cider #26: March 17

The rules are simple

1. This year, you must present your punch card at time of purchase to purchase all 26er ciders – NO EXCEPTIONS.
1a. If you lose your card – a replacement card can be purchased for $10.00 - you will be assigned a new number.
2. Except the first cider, which must be purchased between April 1 and April 14, the remaining 25 ciders are available until they run out.
3. We guarantee you will receive your punch for participation if you come in within the 2 weeks following each cider’s release.
3a. If a 26er cider runs out during the 2 weeks after its release, we will allow a purchase of another cider in its place if the participant shows up within the first 2 weeks of its release.
3b. Nine Pin has full discretion to make an exception during the 2-week period for extenuating circumstances, however communication about an exception needs to be made during the 2-week period following the cider’s release.
4. You cannot purchase cider on behalf of another participant.
5. Please let your bartender know if you have any allergies (whether you think it's in the cider or not!) and we will substitute it with another cider if your allergen is present.

The benefits

Nine Pin 26er status grants access to our end of the year open bar 26er party. You will also receive a personalized Nine Pin 26er ID badge, happy hour pricing for life in our tasting room, early access to can and bottle releases, exclusive taste testing of new ciders, and other benefits based on your 26er status!

In proud support of the Adirondack Mountain Club's
Summit Stewardship Program